Project Description

Houzz a Palo Alto, CA based company opened a new office in downtown Nashville to accommodate sales, service logistic and customer service employees who support shoppers and vendors on the Houzz marketplace. The initial plans called for 200 employees, but the rapid growth of the Company required an additional 200 employees. Houzz was looking to grow awareness for a major recruiting event, in September 2017, that required a deeper reach into the community than traditional media could provide. k2forma was asked to help.

Project Details

Client Houzz
Skills Design Thinking, Brand Strategy & Event Activation

Our Approach

k2forma had three weeks to conceive the event, research and estimate the options, present to client, and execute the event. Houzz was only somewhat known by the Nashville audience, so it was critical that we represent them in a way that was authentic to the Nashville community and on-brand for Houzz. We assessed several options for local, high touch, ‘hip’ events that are frequented by Nashville locals in Houzz’s recruiting target. After exploring Farmer’s Markets, Block Parties, Art Crawls, and Live on the Green, Musician’s Corner – a local favorite – was ultimately selected for the event.

Event Activation

Partnering with Musician’s Corner aligned Houzz with a beloved Nashville event and demonstrated Houzz’s investment in the community. We created a Houzz “Lounge Area” with a tent, chairs, tables, and games. We enlisted a ‘street team’ of brand ambassadors to walk through the crowd at Centennial Park, as well as on the Vanderbilt campus and surrounding area, to distribute collateral and talk to people about the event.
• High visibility Houzz tent with a fashionable contemporary lounge area
• Staffed a street team with Houzz brand ambassadors and k2forma ambassadors who engaged with patrons and handed out collateral
• k2forma partnered with GooGoo Clusters to provide free candy giveaways – a choice that would align Houzz with an iconic Nashville brand
• Digital engagement on Snapchat with a custom filter during the event
• Other engagements included dog treats, T-shirts, Houzz branded hand sanitizers, and more

Digital Content

Social media postings and engagements

Custom Snapchat Geofilter

Time-lapse videos, boomerangs, and photos for Houzz to use

Time Lapse Video


• Outstanding feedback from local Houzz employees attending
• 1:1 engagement with hundreds of Nashville locals in the Houzz target demographic
• Visibility to over 10,000 people in the target audience
• 300+ candidates visited the hiring event
• Social media postings and engagements
• Social media content creation; time-lapse videos, boomerangs, and photos for Houzz to use
• Highly cost-effective
• Brand alignment with Goo Goo Clusters and Musician’s Corner placed Houzz in front of their target audience and positioned them in the right context.

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