Project Description

Intersection is a new Nashville-based contemporary music ensemble.  For their 2015 debut season we designed a series of graphics that tell the story of each performance. From dark and stormy, to the more whimsical feel of the Family Programs, we wanted these images to convey the tone of each performance while enticing the audience to want to know more.

Project Details

Client Intersection
Skills Graphic Design, Branding


The debut performance for Intersection’s 2015 season centers around metamorphosis and chaos.  One of the pieces in the performance is Jonathan Harvey’s composition Valley of Aosta, which is inspired by a Turner painting of the same name.  The painting depicts an Italian valley beset by a snowstorm, thunderstorm, and avalanche all at the same time.

The music conveys a sense of uncontrollable nature and conflict, so we wanted to create a graphic that spoke to those sensibilities.  The visuals for the show needed to be energetic, visceral, about to burst, and revealing, while leaving the viewer with a sense of mystery.

Pooh, Zoo, And A Dino Named Sue

For the second performance of Intersection’s 2015 season, the Family Program, we wanted to convey a lighter and more whimsical feel.  The performance features selections inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh, animals and dinosaurs.  The title is also a tongue-in-cheek nod to Johnny Cash’s Boy Named Sue.

With these graphics, we wanted to convey the fun and family-friendly sensibility of the performance while establishing the brand of Intersection as a diverse organization with a keen eye toward contemporary art and music.


Season 2

With a great 2015 season lined up, the upcoming Intersection season promises to be spectacular.  Without giving too much away, we wanted to convey that there is more to come, beyond the two debut performances.  And as we move through the season, we are continuing to work with Intersection to define their brand in language and graphics.


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