Metro Nashville Arts Commission – Airport Mural

The Challenge

Create an fresh and exciting way to showcase arts in Nashville to visitors as well as locals, and shine a light on some of the lesser-known arts groups – the ones that don’t get as much attentions and the big players.  We also wanted to be able to manage, track and measure engagement and encourage user-contributed content.

The Solution

We designed the mural to hit a top ten list of items, some related to arts and some just for fun.  The placement of people and their gestures was intended to create ‘photobombing’ moments, where unsuspecting travelers are getting a high five or bunny ears from the mural.  The mural also has a QR code which takes the user to a dedicated Facebook page where people can post images of themselves interacting with the mural as well as pics and posts about art in Nashville.  We created a marketing plan to accompany the mural’s social media and have tools for tracking and measuring engagment.

We Thought of Everything

Watch where you sit or stand, the mural behind you might be pranking you!

Design in Development

Social Interactions


Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

  • Weekly Facebook Growth 90% 90%
  • Weekly Twitter Growth 20% 20%
  • Female Subscribers 43% 43%
  • Male Subscribers 57% 57%

The Results Were Amazing

In the first few weeks of the launch, the social placement had garnered 327 interactions by 210 unique users.  In the first month the Facebook page achieved 10,600 impressions by 4,300 users.

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