Project Description

k2forma was hired to create the branding for a new french bakery in Nashville called Palmier.  The objective was to capture a sense of French eclecticism while still communicating a timeless and classic feel.  The packaging was all printed on the letterpress and we used a combination of elements, including custom stickers for labeling.

Project Details

Client Palmier
Skills Branding, Packaging Design, Printing

Logo Design

The logo system included two primary logo versions.  One which was contained in the geometric shape, and the other which was a more open, type-based mark.  The combination of these two logos worked in that they were so consistent you could use them interchangeably without compromising brand integrity.

This two-logo system allowed for ultimate flexibility with brand applications such as packaging, signage, and uniforms.

Employee Uniforms

For the employee uniforms, we designed a t-shirt with French food-related idioms on the front.  This further created the connection to traditional French culture and helped create an authentic experience for customers.


With the screen-printed boxes, we incorporated little surprises such as messaging on the inside of the lid.  These fun elements reinforced the idea that this was a treat, it was special, and should be enjoyed as such.  No detail was overlooked.




The logo mark was used on exterior and way-finding signage.  As the customer experience became more up close and personal, then the text-based logo was used.

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