TahTah Cosmetics

Project Description

In 2010, k2forma worked with TahTah Cosmetics as their branding agency, helping to develop marketing strategy around their new product line.  We developed a photo shoot and designed the web site aimed at catching the attention of young women who are interested in a more natural product.

Project Details

Client TahTah Cosmetics
Date 2010
Skills Branding, Art Direction, Web Design, Copy Writing

Strategic Design

Rather than creating a site with lots of broken imagery, we kept the web site design modern and simple, and focused on single striking images of models showcasing the different cosmetics.  Each page prominently features a different model with different styling.


Tight shots like this were used to emphasize the details while still maintaining the brand story.  For this page, the metallic gold eyeliner is the star of the show.  We opted to keep the model’s skin natural, depicting a more honest reflection as opposed to the unattainable ‘overly-photoshopped’ images that are so often seen in the cosmetics industry.

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