we're a stone-cold pack of weirdos

but we’re damn good at what we do.

Kelly Koeppel, President
k2forma was founded in 2007 by Kelly Koeppel. Ms. Koeppel earned a degree in Fine Art from Columbia College Chicago in 1997. In 2006, Ms. Koeppel received national recognition from CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) for her work with Cannon School. In 2007, Koeppel attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, studying with Milton Glaser – the iconic creator of the I (HEART) NY logo.
Over the past ten years, Ms. Koeppel has guided k2forma’s creative growth and expanded the company’s creative reach nationally. Ms. Koeppel lives in Nashville and has traveled extensively, including France, China, Nicaragua, Spain, Italy, and more. Koeppel is an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Nashville, Nashville American Marketing Association and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. Koeppel is also an active teacher, mentor, and public speaker.

Margaret Wray

Marketing Assistant

Margaret Wray is the core processor at k2forma. She coordinates all of k2forma’s client needs and helps manage communications. If you need anything, contact Margaret and she can help guide you.

Mike Jennings

Director of New Business

As k2forma’s Director of New Business, Mike Jennings helps companies identify their needs, and he works with them to develop strategies for growing through branding, content, SEO/SEM, and digital marketing.

Claire Bough

Social Media Manager

Claire Bough is the tweeting, snapping, influencer at k2forma. She works with k2forma’s clients to craft social media messaging and strategies that build brand visibility and connect with audiences.

Kelly Mulhall

Art Director

Kelly Mulhall lends her artistic eye to all of k2forma’s projects. She has design skills, programmer skills, photo skills, and more. She’s also our resident travel advisor, having been to UK, Iceland, and more. We live vicariously through her.

Ben Wilson


Ben is our hacker-at-large. We definitely want to keep him happy. He protects our sites from foreign hackers so all those racy pics on our phones stay private. Oh, and he also builds databases, programs sites, and solves all kinds of weird tech problems.

What k2forma Is All About

The principles of k2forma are the cornerstone of every project we do. When choosing to work with us, this is what you can expect.


We are not a bloated and lumbering process-laden agency. We’re lean and nimble and fast on our feet.


We are not mean or angry or out for creative revenge. We’re not in the business of making someone else feel inferior in order to sell a product. While humor and good fun has its place in creativity, not at the expense of another.


We are not gluttonous, gratuitous, showboats. We do what is right for the client however humble or elaborate it may appear.


We are not the ‘make it pretty’ people. We work smart, we tell stories, and we solve problems.


We are not followers of convention nor do we espouse the ‘safe route’. We feel that if you want to stand apart from the herd, you need to take a few risks.


We are not cavalier or foolish. This is serious business to us and we live it. Every aspect of our lives, our holidays, and our vacations are touched by this passion to create excellent work. We continue to educate ourselves and push each other to grow.

Do you share our perspective?

We like nice people who aren’t afraid to take risks.
Getting creative means trying new things.  If this sounds like you, let’s talk!