We’re a stone cold
pack of weirdos.

(but we’re damn good at what we do.)

Kelly Koeppel

Kelly founded k2forma in 2007. Over the past seventeen years, she has guided k2forma’s creative growth and expanded the company’s creative reach nationally. She leads the team through all aspects of the creative process as well as being point of contact for clients.


What we are all about

The principles of k2forma are the cornerstone of every project we do.
When choosing to work with us, this is what you can expect.


We are not a bloated and lumbering process-laden agency. We are lean and nimble and fast on our feet.



We are not mean or angry or out for creative revenge. We’re not in the business of making someone else feel inferior in order to sell a product.


We are not gluttonous, gratuitous showboats. We do what is right for the client however humble or elaborate it may appear.


We are not the ‘make it pretty’ people. We work smart, we tell stories, and we solve problems.



We are not followers of convention nor do we espouse the ‘safe route’. We feel that if you want to stand apart from the herd, you need to take a few risks.


We are not cavalier or foolish. This is serious business to us and we live it. Every aspect of our lives is touched by this passion to create excellent work.

Let's Work Together!

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