Brand Strategies

We bring brands to life. We find you new audiences. We use smart strategy to effectively tell your story.

What we do


Brand Storytelling

Be a brand with a vision. Tell stories that turn heads. Compel your customers to share your message. Our omni-channel marketing campaigns do this with web sites, video, content, PR, events, social, and more.

Growth Strategies

Know before you grow. Using design thinking and innovation processes, we grow your organization with intent and purpose through strategic optimization, compelling content, and design innovation.


Audience Reach

We deliver analytics and insights that go beyond measuring engagement and ROI. We can pinpoint your audience and build a strategic plan that will put you on the right path for healthy growth.

What We Have Done

Why we are different

We learn everything about our clients. We immerse ourselves in your culture, your history, and your future. This commitment has made all the difference. It’s the difference between a good campaign and an unforgettable one. When we combine this commitment with our analytics, strategy, and creativity, we can turn campaigns into voices that demand to be heard.

Our Skills

k2forma covers a lot of ground. To do this, our team has a very diverse set of skills that include design, marketing, strat planning, content creation, and breakdance fighting. It’s the last one of those skills that can be the most important. Our karaoke game is pretty solid too.

  • Brand Storytelling – 95%
  • Karakoke – 77%
  • Breakdance Fighting – 85%

Our Team

We’re a stone-cold pack of weirdos, but we’re damn good at what we do.

k2forma was founded in 2007 by Kelly Koeppel. Over the past twelve years, Ms. Koeppel has guided k2forma’s creative growth and expanded the company’s creative reach nationally.
Kelly Koeppel

President & C.E.O.

Margaret Wray is the core processor at k2forma. She coordinates with k2forma’s clients to anticipate their needs and helps manage projects to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Margaret Wray

Account Manager

Grace Elrod is the sharp red pencil of k2forma. Her keen eye passes over all communications so that when they leave her desk, they leave shinier, brighter, and ready to capture attention!

Grace Elrod


As k2forma’s Creative Director, Micah helps companies identify their needs and works with them to develop strategies for growing through branding, content, SEO/SEM, and digital marketing.

Micah Harris Jones

Creative Director

Kelly Mulhall lends her artistic eye to all of k2forma’s projects. She has design skills, programmer skills, photo skills, and more. She’s also our resident travel advisor, having been to UK, Iceland, and more. We live vicariously through her.

Kelly Mulhall

Art Director

Claire Bough is the tweeting, snapping influencer at k2forma. She works with k2forma’s clients to craft social media messaging and strategies that build brand visibility and connect with audiences.

Claire Bough

Content Strategist

Kevin Clark is our super-talented go-to guy for all things digital, illustration, and content styling. He’s got great style!

Kevin Clark

Jr Designer

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