go ahead, measure us.

strategies driven by R.O.I.

we want to be measured by your success.

we ask the tough questions and bring reality to growth.

we show you how to use your resources efficiently & effectively.

What does working with k2forma look like?

Our process for every project is a little different, from branding to strategic marketing and communications campaigns, however every project we do begins with a kickoff meeting. This is where our team and your team come together to talk about the project, your history, your goals, and maybe even your last vacation – who knows – these things can get weird sometimes.

We like to include our clients in the process, as much as they want to be. So our first blush often comes early in the process. This helps keep us all on the same page. We never want to spend your resources going down the wrong path. But once we all have consensus that we’re moving in the right direction – that’s when things really start moving!  We design, we write, we test, and we get ready to deploy!

Once the project has been deployed, we track the progress of the campaign. We analyze, we measure, and we report. Remember when we had that freaky meeting about your last vacation and your project goals? That’s also when we talked about the metrics for your campaign. These metrics are how we get to the R.O.I. of a campaign. It all comes full circle!

Getting to the R.O.I.

Metrics are the key factors for organizing campaign data.  Data feeds into knowledge. Knowledge creates wisdom. And with wisdom comes R.O.I.  This is the philosophy that guides each of our campaigns. It’s about more than just numbers. It’s a constant evaluation of how can this campaign get better, reach more people, and effect change? We want to be measured by your success.


builds knowledge


feeds wisdom



creates R.O.I.


is the true value

It’s a process that has proven to be fun and successful for our team and our clients!