Our Process

Brand Storytelling

k2forma’s process for collaborating with our clients begins by learning everything we can about your organization, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. We translate this research into a strategy and then develop omni-channel marketing campaigns using web sites, video, content, PR, events, social, and more.

Growth Strategies

Using design thinking and innovation processes, we grow your organization with intent and purpose. It all begins with understanding your customers and users, and delivering on your brand promise.

Overall Web Health

URL authority, home page authority, content shares, spam score, etc. for your site and your competitors. This gives you high-level context for your position within your competitive landscape.


Search terms and frequency of search. This shows what language your audience uses to find you, and identifies high-ranking keyword recommendations.


News, articles, and blog posts by page rank and associated key words for you & your competitors. This shows what kind of content your audience is reading and sharing.

Social Media

Identify which social platforms are used by you, your clients, and your competitors, along with content and engagement insights.

Error Reporting

This report shows any hidden issues that may exist on your web site that are holding back SEO performance.

Answers For Anyone

Complex analysis doesn’t have to be restricted to data scientists. Our reports are easy for your whole team to understand.

Audience Reach

Whether talking to a distributor network, employees, or direct to consumers, we can help you reach exactly who you want. Our analytics and insights go beyond measuring engagement and ROI.

With a single Assessment, we grew one client’s Google search visibility from 1 page ranking on Google, to 17 pages ranking on Google with content that had been shared 298 times, in the span of one year.

Additionally, we grew their social following by 234.6% in less than one year. Their social media campaigns are now superior to their competitors in growth and engagement, averaging 30-40% social engagement per post. Their overall web engagement is at 5.0% growth and steadily increasing, while their competitors are at 0.2% growth.


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