Wil-Ro, Inc.

Project Details

Client:  Wil-Ro, Inc.
Skills: Brand Strategy, Photography, Web Development

Project Description

While manufacturing in America is slowly disappearing, Wil-Ro is one of the rare companies that are reinvesting and growing. With new ownership in 2017, Wil-Ro is poised to continue to build an enduring legacy. As part of this reinvestment, k2forma worked with the Wil-Ro team to help redefine their message and visuals, and launch a new digital presence.

Our Approach

The team at Wil-Ro is incredibly proud of the work they do, and rightfully so – they make high-quality truck beds that last decades and elicit rave reviews from their customers.

We wanted to capture this sense of pride and showcase their team as heroes. Their hot, hard-worn hands return daily to the place where they all band together and make the trucks that make America work. Their spirit and dedication is as strong and tough as their products. Out of this spirit came the messaging;

Forged in the Fires of the American Spirit“.

Web Development

The hub of Wil-Ro’s digital presence is their web site, with social media and other digital activities driving traffic to the site. Storytelling was the key element for the site. Working with the Wil-Ro team, we developed a site that features the stories of the individuals, and the work they do. We wanted visitors to understand the heroes behind the manufacturing, and know that the Wil-Ro brand promise of excellence is backed up by the dedication of everyone that works there.

Print Collateral

Translating the brand from the digital presence to print created even more opportunities for telling the Wil-Ro story.  Throughout all of their sales and marketing materials, the human element is ever-present.


• Added five new distribution partners, and growing
• Increased site traffic and conversions by 12%
• Increased sales
• Improved employee morale and engagement

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