Cannon School

Admissions Materials

The admissions materials for Cannon School in Concord, North Carolina included a booklet and series of postcards that were mailed to prospective parents throughout the admissions process.  Each card served as a reminder and instructions for parents at each step of the process.

Project Details

Client Cannon School
Skills Branding, Design

Postcard Series

Engaging busy parents with a series of postcards timed to arrive at the appropriate stage helped parents feel empowered as they navigated the admissions process.  All of the post cards were friendly and informal in tone, with headlines like “You’re almost there!”

Admissions Book

The admissions booklet won national recognition from CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) for the design.  The content featured first-person stories from students and teachers, and each page included a list of key value props, satisfying both kinds of readers; the scanners as well as long-form readers.

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